Biolink is an Australian biotech company, specialising in the field of medical diagnostics.

Our leading-edge testing technologies enable fast, accurate, and cost effective diagnoses at scale for a diverse range of clients across the health and aged care, business and education sectors.

One of our primary goals is to further democratise healthcare, which plays a critical role in improving people’s lives and our cities of the future.We don’t believe the exclusive path to learning about and owning your health and biology should be locked behind expensive tests and check-ups.

Which is why we founded Biolink: to develop a system of integrated in-built sensors and low-cost diagnostic devices.The Biolink system seeks to provide a comprehensive and continuous biodata record that is fully known to you, matched against qualified health data to alert and provide you with recommendations for optimising your overall health.

All within the comfort and budget of your home or office.


Procuring materials and supply chains from around the globe.


Working with subject matter experts to ensure needs are met.


Delivering test-kits to areas impacted by the COVID-19


Real-time, low-cost diagnostic testing and data solutions.