Biolink EasyNAT®

POCT Multi-Modules Nucleic
Acid Amplification and Detection Analyzer

Featuring three-stage magnetic conductivity extraction technology and Cross Priming Amplification Technology (CPA), the Ustar system is an in-vitro diagnosis device for pathogen nucleic acid sequences in humans, animals and plant samples.

Ustar 16 test machine outline
Biolink EasyNat 4 module image

Versatile application

Available in 4, 8 and 16 module machines, the Ustar system is suited to a variety of use cases including hospitals and clinics, centres for disease control, quarantine facilities, mobile testing units, veterinary services, and third party testing sites. The Ustar has enough memory to store up to 200,000 records and secure cloud data download and system updates with NB-IOT.

It includes WIFI support, a thermal printer, real-time result printing, an interactive 10.4” HD display, and automatic laboratory information management with Connect LIS.

Biolink can help your business save money and time with our range of Ustar EasyNAT® tests.

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Three-step procedure

STEP 1: Collect and prepare sample.

STEP 2: Insert cartridge, and activate machine.

STEP 3: Receive results report.

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Product benefits


LoD: 200 copies/ml


Vitrified preloaded cartridge
Ambient temperature transportation (~25°C–30°C)


Results in 25 mins
(with diagnostic kit for COVID-19)


Automatic integration of nucleic acid extraction, amplification and detection


One-button operation


Patented cartridge design
Closed testing
No cross-contamination