XBB COVID Sub-Variants

How Our Tests Perform Against the XBB COVID Sub-Variants

Both our Nasal and Saliva rapid antigen tests are shown to be effective at detecting the current XBB sub-variant of COVID, currently prevalent in Australia. We put our rapid antigen tests through an analytical sensitivity study, which measured their efficacy in detecting XBB sub-variants.

The results of the study demonstrated that both our tests meet the required detection ranges for both the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Below is a summary of the results.

In addition to XBB, our tests have also been assessed for other major variants, providing suitable coverage for previous sub-variants.

Nasal Rapid Antigen Test

Our Nasal Rapid Antigen Test proved to be highly sensitive and efficient in detecting SARS-CoV-2 variant XBB, according to the TGA and WHO guidance.The limit of detection (LOD) for this variant of the virus is 480 TCID50/mL, with a corresponding Ct value of 28.21, and an RNA concentration of 5.05E+05 copies/mL.

This meets the TGA and WHO guidance for the detection of COVID sub-variant XBB, which recommends a LOD between 100-1000 TCID50/mL, a Ct value below 30 and an RNA concentration above 1E+04 copies/mL. 

Saliva Rapid Antigen Test

Our Saliva Rapid Antigen Test was similarly able to detect the XBB sub-variant strains. The saliva test was able to successfully detect SARS-CoV-2 variant XBB with a LOD of 120 TCID50/mL, a corresponding Ct value of 30.12, and a RNA concentration that is within acceptable range according to the TGA and WHO guidelines.

Both our Saliva and Nasal tests proved successful, maintaining a LOD range between 100-1000 TCID50/mL, a Ct value below 30, and RNA concentrations above 1E+04 copies/mL, as recommended by these international organisations.